Personal Development Conference Calls

When: Next Call is Pending...Stay Tuned

Where: 1-530-881-1300 Access Code: 614702#

From the comfort of your own home or cell phone, you can get a shot of Mental Conditioning to help improve all aspects of your life. All you need to do is call in and listen. I believe that this call is an essential part in the overall develpment of our youth. With all the negativity in the world today, there needs to be an outlet where we can focus on the good things in life and how to deal with the challenges that we face every day.

Previously Recorded Calls

Mindset and Role Models
Conference Call Mindset Role Models 06_[...]
MP3 audio file [9.1 MB]
Pain and Pleasure Ft. Kyle McAlarney
Guest speaker Kyle McAlarney chimed in to give his point of view.
01 Conference Call May 03, 2009 08_53 P[...]
MP3 audio file [9.1 MB]
01 Conference Call May 10, 2009 08_53 P[...]
MP3 audio file [5.4 MB]
01 Conference Call May 17, 2009 08_54 P[...]
MP3 audio file [9.9 MB]
01 Conference Call May 31, 2009 08_58 P[...]
MP3 audio file [10.7 MB]
01 Conference Call June 07, 2009 08_51 [...]
MP3 audio file [9.7 MB]
Role Models
01 Conference Call June 21, 2009 08_54 [...]
MP3 audio file [10.8 MB]
01 Conference Call July 05, 2009 08_54 [...]
MP3 audio file [11.4 MB]
01 Conference Call July 26, 2009 08_56 [...]
MP3 audio file [7.8 MB]
The Dash
01 Conference Call August 26, 2009 07_5[...]
MP3 audio file [8.2 MB]
Dealing With Pressure
Keeping Your Word Dealing with Pressure[...]
Wave audio file [7.5 MB]


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