Welcome to the World of PEDs
Welcome to the World of PEDs

What People are Saying about Anthony Drago

Anthony Drago is as genuine of a person as I have met in basketball. He has as much heart as any coach I've played for and he puts it into what he does for other people. He is all about believing in having your spirit right, and what that can do for yourself and others in whatever you do in this life. He's real with you.


- Steve Weingarten Pro Basketball Player


As an NBA Player Agent, operating out of one the largest Basketball facilities in the country, Basketball City, I deal with a lot of trainers. Anthony Drago is one of the best in the business. I can say that from personal experience, without hesitation. His approach is unique, his methods are tested and his professionalism is unwavering. I highly recommend any players looking to take their games to the next level, to go see Anthony.


- BJ Bass Owner RBA Sports


It is refreshing to read about not only a how to book but also why. In this book, Anthony addresses what every parent and player needs to know from having a Purpose, having Persistence and exhibiting Passion! It is a must read for anyone at any level!


- John Saintignon International Head coach, former NCAA Pac-10 coach and guest speaker


I coached Anthony when he was a teen and I honestly can't think of a more tenacious competitor of the game. Completely coach-able back then as in the present. What he has to share is a game changer so grab a drink, a snack and turn off your cell phone. “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” promises to deliver great insights. Enjoy.


- Nate Robinson Author


“Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” is essential for the mental preparation and physical excellence of this generation's young athletes. Anthony Drago has both made it simple and impactful for the reader to comprehend in order to get the results they want in warp speed.


- Michael R. Carter Financial & Sports Management Professional

I've known Anthony for over a decade and his desire to help others is second none. His business mind, coupled with his passion for life, makes him a leader among leaders. This book is for anyone in any industry. If you want a better life, this book is a must read.


- Steve Carter MLM Multi-Million Dollar Earner and Entrepreneur     


Anthony Drago has one of the most creative and interesting minds I have ever come across. He has the innate ability to connect with a diverse group of people. His ability to not only speak what he knows and believes but to actually live by it, puts him head and shoulders above his competition. He also has the ability to put his own flare on the knowledge he obtains where something that may be difficult for most, can be simplified in a manner which a child can understand.


-Dami Sapara Entrepreneur


Anthony Drago is one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure to meet. His no nonsense, "Tell them what they need to know" approach is needed in today's progressive fitness industry. A certified trainer and student of human development for over 20 years, I have rarely if ever, come across someone who puts as much care, time and thoughtful consideration into building out a comprehensive system to reach better health and wellness than Anthony Drago". He is a great value to the Inspire Sport, better life through sports program and will be to anyone who reads “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs”.


- Andre Wade Founder/CEO Inspire Talent Brand Management


I have known Anthony for over 15 years and his approach to developing young athletes, both physically and mentally is as unique, innovative and results driven as I have seen. This book will literally change the lives of anyone who internalizes Anthony’s message.


- Robert Smith Father and Coach


Just think, even the most brilliant minds and most creative writers have a lifelong friend that has seen them do dumb stuff. “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” is a game changer. Everyone young basketball player needs a copy.


- Steven P. Guarnieri Firefighter, NYC Fire Departmen


I have Known Anthony for over a 1/4 century and over that time, Anthony not only shows great attention to detail that makes him proficient in everything he does, but he has an extreme passion, dedication and a no quit attitude with everything he involves himself with. His love of mentoring and improving not only those he works with but his thirst for knowledge to better himself is unmatched by anyone I know. With his continuous competitive drive on top of all above mentioned attributes, to not read nor even consider “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” as a viable need, I have to seriously question your commitment to self-improvement and awareness.


- Ronald D. James Father, Coach and Entrepreneur


When it comes to success and preparing the mind I have not met anyone like Anthony Drago. He has helped me and many train our minds to be successful at anything that we put our minds to not just basketball. A true believer that anything and everything is possible.


-Michael Balogun Future Pro Basketball Player


It is quite evident that Mr. Drago certainly understands the power of the mind as he so elegantly describes in his book “A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs”. I absolutely love the analogy the author used defining the importance and power of approaching everything you do in life with the appropriate mindset. In doing so, we can literally control our own destinies. This is a very strong and much needed message, not just for an aspiring basketball player looking to enhance their performance but also for anyone looking to enhance everyday performance in their own lives. “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” is a definite must read.


- Dan Rooney Author of Kids Grow with Info: A Resource Guide for Kids, Parents & Educators

Children’s Financial Success Expert and Business Support Specialist


Anthony “Yoda” Drago was the best training coach and motivator I ever had because his teachings went way beyond basketball. It wasn’t about just preparing me to abandon bad habits but making sure I created and became accustomed to new ones. It wasn’t about just learning how to move my body properly but how to properly move my life toward the right path. Sometimes I cried tears of joy and sometimes tears of pain. All of the sacrifices he made to make my time in New York enjoyable was appreciated and will always be appreciated. You see those movies about people saving / changing other people lives, Yoda did that for me. And for that I will forever be grateful.


- Julien Bendeke Microbiologist

My brother from another mother, Anthony Drago, is and will continue to be a person that stands out from the rest when it comes to developing our youth. His passion and attention to detail is unlike anything I have ever seen in the basketball world. I have traveled all over this country and worked with some of the top trainers and coaches out there and the one thing I can say with complete conviction is that you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated person than Anthony focused on developing our youth to be as successful off the court as they are on the court. That is why everyone needs a copy of his book “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs”.


- Tony Devine Creator of The Original Profender


I recently had to privilege of reading “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” by Anthony Drago. This book is a slam dunk! Anthony is a premier basketball athletic skills coach and his book has the basketball edge to it but I don’t care if you play another sport, are a businessman, or someone just wanting to change your life…this book is a must. Anthony does what most don’t when writing a book about sports, he addresses the mind, body, and skills needed to succeed. I highly recommend this book for student/athletes as well as coaches and trainers. The straight forward strategies Anthony uses will help you develop a roadmap to success!


- Lee Taft Multi-Directional Speed Coach (www.leetaft.com)


I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Drago several years ago when he was on the Tottenville High School basketball team. At that time he was a hard working individual who demonstrated true leadership qualities. 15 years later he worked as a coach and mentor with my Shoot for Success basketball training program. He trained some of my top Division 1 players which I believe helped get them to the next level. Through his experiences he has now been able to translate his journey in a captivating story to share with the world. I know “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” will be an inspirational story for anyone at any level to relate. I am looking forward to reading it again because he has the tools to extract greatness from anyone open to receiving his powerful message.


- Gerry Mosley Shoot for Success Founder & President


“Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” is a refreshing, must read for all parents and young players who truly want to improve their games and reach for greatness. PEDs sound like drugs but trust me it is not an illegal substance rather an approach to life and basketball that is both physical and mental. The Performance Enhancement Training road Anthony takes you down shows many unique insights and training methods that will definitely open your eyes. Anthony’s desire to help others comes through so easily when reading this book. I am so glad I read it and you should read it too.


- Ron Naclerio Cardozo HS Boys Basketball Coach & Most wins in NYC PSAL History


“In Drago’s highly-motivating book, basketball becomes a powerful metaphor for life itself. A book every player and player’s family should own.


- Steve Chandler Author, Crazy Good: A book of CHOICES

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