Who is Anthony M. Drago?


Anthony Drago is irrevocably committed to guiding today’s youth to achieve personal and professional leadership skills, an anti-bullying culture and becoming the athletic best basketball player they can possibly be so they can be role models for future generations. If you are looking for a proven professional in the sports training industry who can guide you to address the lack of leadership within the youth community, the culture of bullying, the increase of non-contact sports related injuries and the absence of fundamentally sound basketball players, you’ve come to the right place.


Anthony has over 20 years of physical training and personal development experience. He has worked with some amazing people and players with similar concerns and worries and guided them to achieve remarkable success. His mission and commitment is to mentor, train and develop today’s youth using the vehicle of basketball to build their mind, body and skills while preparing them to become leaders and to take what they learn on the court and apply it to their lives off the court.


Anthony’s path to become a Peak Performance Strategist became clear to him in 2004 when he was introduced to the world of basketball training by a mentor of his, Gerry Mosley. Gerry not only teaches basketball skills but more importantly, life skills. He taught Anthony the importance of developing players both on and off the court.


Seeing a young player have that proverbial light bulb go off and experience a true “AHA” moment is what inspires Anthony to continue with his uncompromising work ethic. What sets him apart from other trainers and coaches is the Triple Threat, inside out approach he uses to develop the mind, body and skills (in that order). This allows the players to not only become better players but more importantly, better people.


You can feel confident inviting Anthony to guide you and your organization to solve the above stated problems. Over the years, his expertise, his views and his opinions have been featured in a variety of outlets. Anthony is a listed Expert for the organization called Stack( www.stack.com/expert/anthony-drago). Stack is a well-known website and print magazine that athletes from all sports go to for help and guidance. Anthony wrote a personal blog for about a year. He has hosted several personal development conference calls for young players (recordings are available on his website). He has written several guest blog posts for numerous sites and is the author of the forthcoming book “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs”.


The five things about Anthony and his experience that might surprise and delight you - while serving your work together are:


●       Anthony has been a student of the personal development industry for over 20 years, attended the Tony Robbins UPW event, and completed the Firewalk challenge.


●       Anthony served 4 years active duty in the United States Coast Guard. His unit, USCGC Wire, had the honor of being included at the end of the movie Daylight with Sylvester Stallone to aid in the final rescue scene.


●       Anthony is a former Series 7 and Series 63 licensed Stockbroker.


●       Anthony was the Assistant General Manager, Assistant Coach and Director of Player Development for the professional ABA basketball franchise, The Staten Island Vipers, in their inaugural season.


●       Anthony is an adoptive parent.


Industry leaders have said some remarkable things about the impact Anthony’s upcoming book and training methods has on their players and their success.


“Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” is a refreshing, must read for all parents and young players who truly want to improve their games and reach for greatness. PEDs sound like drugs but trust me it is not an illegal substance rather an approach to life and basketball that is both physical and mental. The Performance Enhancement Training road Anthony takes you down shows many unique insights and training methods that will definitely open your eyes. Anthony’s desire to help others comes through so easily when reading this book. I am so glad I read it and you should read it too”  


           Ron Naclerio Cardozo HS Boys Basketball Coach & Winningest coach in NYC PSAL History (over 723 wins)


I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Drago many years ago when he was on the Tottenville High School basketball team. At that time, he was a hard working individual who demonstrated true leadership qualities. 15 years later he worked as a coach and mentor with my Shoot for Success basketball training program. He trained some of my top Division 1 players which I believe helped get them to the next level. Through his experiences he has now been able to translate his journey in a captivating story to share with the world. I know his book “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PED" is an inspirational story for anyone at any level to relate. I am looking forward to reading it again because he has the tools to extract greatness from anyone open to receiving his powerful message”


           Gerry Mosley Shoot for Success Coaching With Character Founder


I recently had the privilege of reading “Go Prove Something! A Basketball Players Guide to Legally Using PEDs” by Anthony Drago. This book is a slam dunk!  Anthony is a premier basketball athletic skills coach and his book has the basketball edge to it but I don’t care if you play another sport, are a businessman, or someone just wanting to change your life…this book is a must. Anthony does what most don’t when writing a book about sports, he addresses the mind, body, and skills needed to succeed. I highly recommend this book for student/athletes as well as coaches and trainers. The straight forward strategies Anthony uses will help you develop a roadmap to success!”


        Lee Taft World Renowned Multi-Directional and Strength and Conditioning Coach


It will be my pleasure to guide and assist you and your program to achieve the results desired through our Triple Threat training approach. In my opinion, this is a Win - Win - Win situation for everyone involved.


Let’s continue our conversation in manner that suits you best.


Expect To Win!!!!